Cover flap pocket on each sleeve to enclose and help protect hearing device and wires from being dislodged or tangled

Elastic band inside pocket to clip your device to hold in place

Button hole positioned inside pocket for cord to thread up under the shirt to reduce the risk of exposed cords that can be snagged and ripped out of device or off the head

Collar Loops to keep sound cords to back of head and allows for quick location of headpiece if dislodged

Suggested cord length is 18" or longer.

Cochlear implant accessory
Cochlear implant accessory
Cochlear implant accessory
Ci Wear Loops

Pockets for hearing and mobile listening devices such as cochlear implants, smartphones & MP3 players

 IPhone Accessory
Aqua Kit accessory
 IPod Accessory

How To Install Device

For CI cord, start at button hole (in sleeve pocket) thread cord through inside of shirt and out loops of the collar, then connect CI headpiece (opposite direction should be done for earphones)

Once cord is threaded through the shirt, connect to device

Clip device to internal pocket elastic band and slip into pocket

Once your device is in place, pull the shirt on and you are ready to go

You can power on the device before or after you put on the shirt

When using in the water, the shirt is not a waterproofing garment, make sure your device is waterproof and being used in accordance to manufacturers requirements.