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It started with a simple need to improve a deaf child’s experience when swimming with waterproof cochlear implant sound processors.

Founded in 2012 by a parent of a special needs child who needed a comfortable wearing option to secure and better protect his child’s expensive cochlear implant sound processors. Ci Wear is the first and only patented performance apparel geared toward individuals who wear cochlear implant processors.

The patent is for how Ci Wear secures and conceals the hearing device in the shirt to help protect against snags or entanglement of cords that can cause loss or damage.

Your lifestyle shouldn't be dictated by your hearing device. At Ci Wear our mission is to design comfortable, stylish and functional apparel that empowers the individual. We want you to be able to wear your cochlear implant processor or any mobile listening device while enjoying all your activities. We feel everyone should define their own limits without sacrificing their hearing.

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Audiologist Endorsement

Audiologist Reviewed

As an audiologist, I want the security of knowing that my cochlear implant patients can hear in all activities and that their implant processors are safe and protected.  When my patients use Ci Wear, I know that, whether they are in the pool, on the basketball court, on the ski slopes, or on the soccer field, they can use their implant processors with ease and protection.  The thought and care that has gone into the design of Ci Wear makes these shirts the perfect “accessory” for active implant users.


Joan G. Hewitt, Au. D.

Pediatric Audiologist

Board Certified with Specialty in Cochlear Implants

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