Ci Wear Cochlear Implant Shirt is the only shirt patented to secure and help protect cochlear implant processors and other listening devices.

Ideal for adults and children to use  as a rashguard or swim shirt in the water, or as activewear during all kind of  activities, such as; Swimming • Surfing • Standup Paddle Boarding • Running • Rock Climbing • Biking • Ballet/dance • Skiing • Snowboarding • Basketball • Soccer • Fitness  and More!

Ci Wear is designed to be comfortable and stylish while empowering you to stay connected. Enjoy sports and recreational activities without sacrificing your hearing.   SIZE CHART


Ci Wear is great for individuals who need a wearing option to better secure smartphone (iPhone, Samsung Galaxy) or MP3 player.  Our shirt eliminates the annoying bouncing cord or loose wires from being snagged that can cause loss or damage to a device.

You will find no other shirt like it.

Our Story

cochlear implant shirt

The inspiration behind Ci Wear

Our son, who has bilateral cochlear implants, is the inspiration behind Ci Wear.

He loves swimming and we were excited when he received his new waterproof cochlear implant processors. As we watched him in the water, we noticed he spent a lot of time attending to his processors and headpieces, instead of playing. We searched for different wearing options and  accessories to minimize the issues he was having.   After extensive research, we developed the Ci Wear shirt.

Ci Wear is the only patented shirt designed to secure and help protect cochlear implant processors and other listening devices.  Our shirt is designed to add comfort and simplify your experience when wearing your device.

We hope  Ci Wear  provides you the same improved experience during activities as it has given our son.

Why Ci Wear

If you are an active individual, looking to go for a swim, or needing to do work around the house, but have a concern about wearing your cochlear implants. Ci Wear is for you.

Clipping your processors to a hat, belt, or shirt collar can be uncomfortable and can increase the risk of the sound cords being snagged or the processors being knocked off.

Our innovative shirt provides you with a comfortable way to secure and help protect your  processors during all kinds of activities. No bands or belts to adjust. Just clip your devices inside the pockets and thread sound cords under the shirt and your are ready to go.

Cochlear Implant shirt
smartphones shirt
cochlear implants sports shirt

"This shirt has been through hell and back! Definitely well worth the money in knowing the the processors are secured when doing physical activities."

- Brian Fisher

cochlear implant surfing

The CI Wear shirt allows for everything to be kept neatly concealed in a good-looking high-quality shirt.  It also works well for other sports activities such as soccer and basketball.  We love our CI Wear shirt!

- Terrie / La Jolla, CA -


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Cochlear Aqua Plus Accessory Secured With Ci Wear Shirt


Cochlear Swimming Ci Wear shirt

One of the biggest fears for individuals with cochlear implants, as well as parents of children with CIs is losing their processors in the water. One parent told us, “if you can’t see the bottom of a source of water, don’t go in.” Cochlear created the Nucleus Aqua+ accessory to allow individuals to swim and enjoy the water, but what’s the point if you are afraid to go in the ocean or a lake?


One adventurous family, who often goes to the beach and spends time on a lake, needed a more reliable wearing option to secure their son’s Cochlear Aqua+ accessory. They searched the internet and found Ci Wear...(Read More)