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Apparel for Cochlear Implants & Mobile Devices


Our patented shirt is designed to secure and help protect mobile and hearing devices such as cochlear implant (CI) processors, smartphones and MP3 players during sports and recreational activities.

CI Shirt

Why Ci Wear

The monetary and emotional cost of a cochlear implantation procedure can be a tremendous expense on a family. This cost is inherently tied to the cost of the cochlear implant processor. In many cases, the fear of losing or damaging these expensive devices can cause a you or your love one to avoid activities that can put these expensive devices at risk. We here at Ci Wear deeply understand this concern and have specially designed our shirt to better protect these expensive processors while allowing you or your loved one with a hearing impairment to enjoy all the activities life has to offer.


Ci Wear is the “perfect accessory,” proclaims audiologist Joan Hewitt. Our innovative pocket allows you to secure and enclose your processor(s) within the shirt, helping to protect your device from the physical environment of your activity or your competition. Ci Wear is ideal for active individuals and is especially useful for younger children who do not have the ability or prefer not to wear their processors behind their ears. Parents no longer need to hover over their child on playgrounds, indoor gyms or in the water, to make sure their device is still attached.


Use as a rash guard/ swim t-shirt in the water or as sports apparel on land, Ci Wear keeps you connected while offering sun protection, comfort, flexibility and confidence during all kinds of sports and recreational activities, such as;


Swimming • Surfing • Standup Paddle Boarding • Running • Rock Climbing • Biking • Ballet/dance • Skiing • Snowboarding • Basketball • Soccer • Fitness Activities and More!


Ci Wear is great too, for individuals who need a wearing option for their smartphone or MP3 player. Our shirt eliminates the annoying bouncing cord during exercise or wires from being snagged that can cause loss or damage to a device.


You will find no other shirt like it.

Ci Wear Rock Climb
Secure CI

The CI Wear shirt allows for everything to be kept neatly concealed in a good-looking high-quality shirt. It also works well for other sports activities such as soccer and basketball. We love our CI Wear shirt!


- Terrie / La Jolla, CA -

Ci Wear Inspiration

"Less worry about our son's cochlear implant processors and more time playing!"

Our Story

Our son Cole, who has bilateral cochlear implants, was the inspiration behind Ci Wear.


Cole loves swimming and we were excited when he received his new waterproof cochlear implant processors. As we watched him in the water, we noticed he spent a lot of time attending to his processors and headpieces, instead of playing. We searched for different wearing options to minimize the issues he was having. After extensive research, we developed the Ci Wear shirt.


Ci Wear secures and adds a layer of protection to help prevent devices and their cords from being tangled or dislodged. Our shirt is designed to simplify your experience when wearing your device, so you can focus on your activity and not your equipment.


We hope Ci Wear provides you the same improved experience during activities as it has given our son.

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